Industrial Testimonials

Mike Ross, Health & Safety Specialist, Southern California Edison, says:

“It has been amazing to watch how something as simple as a little foot Orthotic can make such a huge difference in the way our utility linemen in T & D function and feel both on and off the job. The personal testimonies that I hear confirm the hypothesis in your research study. Comments like “my knee pain that I have had off and on for years is now gone.” Or the reports that says “my back pain is now significantly
improved or disappears when I consistently use my Orthotics.”

You can imagine my excitement to see the positive preliminary result of the data we have collected from these hardcore tough-guy employees of Southern California Edison. It has taken me years to just get them to admit to having any aches and pains. Now that we have proven that the Industrial Athlete Program is effective at changing behavior toward stretching, perhaps together, we can begin identifying the biomechanical causes for illness, diseases, and injuries starting from the ground up. Even with my Master’s Degree in Biomechanics and my years of hands-on experiences working with Professional College, Olympic, and elite athletes in improving performance using foot Orthotics, I was not sure we would get the same results with this older, more sedentary population. This is encouraging for me since my job as the Health and Safety Specialist is to prevent injuries. Most of my colleagues in the Safety Profession do not look at the human machine when developing their prevention process. They do not have my background in physical therapy, athletic training, exercise science and ergonomics. Any thing that I can do to prevent injuries or minimize workers’ comp and reduce lost days means a happier employee and happier management. If my management is happy then that is a good thing for me. Please use me as a reference to anyone who is thinking about using this new high tech
3DO Foot Imaging Technology tool in the identification, treatment and prevention of biomechanical problems that lead to accidents. Thanks again for your support in our Wellness Process.”

Vincent Cichoski, Manager of Orange County Region, Southern California Edison, says:

“As the Manager for the Orange County Region of Southern California Edison, I would like to formally inform you of the preliminary results we are achieving. What we have achieved with our T&D and Meter Readers Department has been truly surprising and has exceeded our expectations. Our workers have been using your Medical Grade Foot Orthotics fitted to their work boots for the last 3 months and the unequivocal positive
feedback we have received has amazed many within the company. By using proactive and preventative measures for the relief of foot, leg, and back pain, we are seeing a more productive workforce, one that has less fatigue, less pain, and more comfort for the worker. Your system, which takes less than 90 seconds to perform versus hours in the past practices and the reduction in costs from many thousands of dollars to
an affordable cost, is surely a reason for this response amongst our colleagues.”

Michael Sayre, Vice President, LAPRACC, says:

“It has been a pleasure working with you. I would like to thank you and officially express my testimonial of your technology and how it is impacting the Los Angeles Police Department. The Orthotics you made worked better and were much less expensive. I fully recommend your technology and custom products. By giving the police force a new ergonomic footwear solution, (using an engineered Orthotics in Police Boots), I believe will
significantly help them in their job duties. By reducing common overuse injuries, it is my belief, Custom Orthotics will have an economical and reliable impact at the Los Angeles Police Department. Providing more comfort while at the same time identify, prevent and treat many of the common problems we experience will help improve the quality of life while at work. Again, I would like to thank you for your work and the
knowledge that your inventive system will soon become the norm throughout industry where employees are spending most of their time on their feet.”


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