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3DO – 3D Weight Bearing Kinematic Imaging System Package

Description: Maximize billable insurance codes using 3DO Static and Dynamic Imaging. 3DO Imager Media with USB Cable – Optical Imaging System – Digital Imager Live Software – Carry Bag – Orthotic Samples – Footwear Sample – Brochures – Ramps - Wall Displays (3).

Optical Imaging System (best value)

Description: Optical Imager with USB cable and Digital Imager Live software

G3 – Optical 3D Laser & Digital Imager Live Software

Description: New Laser Available September 2012

Plug and Play System - Fully integrated

Description: 3DO (3D Orthodynamics) Imager Media - Laptop - Ramps - Heavy Duty Canvas Carry Bag - Optical Imager - Heavy Duty Laptop Cart (Anthro ALCSM/BK) - Optical Imager Software (.NET Cloud) - Digital Imager Live Software - (.NET Cloud) - Printer - Samples of Footwear (3 Thong - Clog - Sandal 3 Strap) - Sample Set of Bio Engineered Devices/Orthotics (5 - Oxford - Style - Diabetic - Athletic - Workboot) - (3) Posters - (25) Patient Brochures - Remote Training

Large Adjustable Medical-Grade Cart

Description: Telescopic ergonomic heavy duty kiosk cart.

Solaris Kiosk

Description: Does not include 3DO Imager Media.

Small Adjustable Laptop Cart

Price: $550.00

Gait Ramps

Description: Durable foam ramps for use with 3DO imager.

Price: $125.00

3DO Carrying Bag

Description: Heavy-duty canvas bag for use with 3DO imager.

Price: $125.00

Sample Orthotics

Description: Set of (5) sample orthotics.

Price: $50.00

Footwear Samples

Price: $25.00/each

Marketing Pack

Description: 3 Posters + 25 Patient Brochures.

Price: FREE + Shipping & Handling