About Our Lab

We are one of the most technologically advanced orthotic labs in the United States. We specialize in accurate rapid turn-around of hand-made custom orthotics made from digital casts using our patented 3DO Digital Foot Imaging Technology. Not only do we work with digital data, but we are also happy to accept your plaster casts & foam box impressions.

If your current lab is not meeting or exceeding your expectations on quality, accuracy, turn-around, & customer service, then it's time to consider switching to us. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. Do you think a 2-4 week turn-around time is an industry standard? That may be the case, but we do not think it should be! Try us and discover the difference.

Here are just some of the benefits to using our lab & technology:


• Rapid 3 business day average production turn-around time
• Transmit orders over the Internet which saves time & postage
• 1-3 business day shipping to anywhere in the US
• Express shipping upgrade available


• Receive email notification when orders are processed
• Receive email notification when orders are shipped


• 3DO is more accurate than plaster or foam box impressions
• Industry low return/adjustment rate of less than 1%
• High patient acceptance


• Affordable equipment leasing options
• Flat-rate orthotic pricing with no hidden fees
• Orthotic volume discount pricing available
• Special accommodations offered at no additional cost


• Wide variety of orthotic styles to fit any shoe
• Specialty sport orthotics
• Specialty dress & high heel orthotics
• Flexible, rigid & accommodative orthotics
• Simple to complex accommodations
• Highest quality materials available


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