Our Mission...

Maximizing body balance, energy, and performance while reducing and eliminating pain through a bio-engineered ergonomic solution.

The Need...

  • According to the CDC, 85% of the US Population has biomechanical disease necessitating the utilization of a bio engineered medical grade orthotic.
  • Less than 1% of the US population currently get access to product.
  • Approximately 70% of the world population are diagnosed with an ailment called over-pronation, something that can be the culprit for severe consequences over the years.

Research & Development...

  • 15 years in research & development
  • Developed by a retired physician with 35 years experience in the development of biomechanical imaging systems & ergonomic treatment
  • 3DO Technology is Weight Bearing Kinematic Imaging
  • Latest 3D weight bearing assessment tool for common and complex disease analysis of body mechanics



Endorsed by the US Pentagon Army Health Clinic, VA Hospitals, US Olympic Committee, and used by Physicians & Hospitals worldwide.

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